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The Oracle-related material presented here is largely ColdFusion-version independent. However, please note that most of the ColdFusion code has been developed and tested on older versions of ColdFusion (4.0 through 6.0). Consequently, some CFML code snippets may need to be modified to work optimally on more recent versions of the product.
  1. LOBs in Oracle
    How to save an image to Oracle using CFMX.

  2. Oracle Networking for ColdFusion MX
    How to get your CFMX server talking to Oracle.

  3. Oracle Networking for ColdFusion 5 and below
    Details on getting your CF (version 5 or below) server talking to Oracle. Also has a short introduction to setting up and configuring Oracle Net software.

  4. ColdFusion login system for Oracle
    A "how to" on building a basic login system for a CF application which uses an Oracle database. I've been asked this question several times, so here's a detailed answer.

  5. SQL
    Tips on leveraging newer features of Oracle SQL, handling dates and invoking functions

  6. PL/SQL
    Pointers on using PL/SQL in your CF templates. Includes information on returning result sets, dealing with large strings in cfstoredproc (prior to CF version 5) and running anonymous PL/SQL blocks from CF.

  7. Optimization
    Improve response times using features of ColdFusion and Oracle.

  8. Miscellaneous
    Tips that don't fit in any of the above categories